Strong remedy for treatment of joints

Aching bones and joints often lead to the development of chronic inflammatory processes or other serious diseases. To solve this problem, it is necessary to lubricate the joints, prevent their rigor, strengthen the bones and reduce inflammation.

Some people argue that bone pain does not exist. There are only painful joints and nerves that surround them, as the bones don't have sensitivity.
Супер мощное средство для лечения суставов и костей
Aching bones and joints, if not associated with injury, can be caused by arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis and some autoimmune diseases. It may also be associated with chronic inflammation.
If you suffer from the pain in the bones and joints, do this super powerful folk remedy that will reduce inflammation, strengthen bones, cleanse and lubricate the joints.
The most powerful product for joints is the aesculus. It reduces pain and relieves inflammation in the joints. Aesculuses should be harvested in September. Spread it out in a thin layer and let it dry for 2 weeks.
Как сделать настойку из конского каштана
How to make tincture from aesculus.
1 kg of aesculus fruit
0.5 l of vodka
How to make:
Cut each aesculus into 4 pieces. Fold in a jar and pour vodka to the top. Close the jar tightly and put in a sunny place. On the fourth day, move the jar of tincture in a shady place in room temperature. Wait another 40 days.
Rub the joints with the produced remedy 2-3 times a day. Apply for 45-60 days.
Aesculus cream
If you don't have the possibility or time to prepare a tincture of your own, use a ready cream, Hondroline. In addition to the long-term recovery with aesculus, which is the basis of its recipe, it also instantly relieves pain. Extracts obtained by laboratory method, are more saturated, that's why the recovery course will be faster than with the home-made tincture.
Ingredients of Hondroline:
Aesculus extract
Arnica extract
Hedera extract
Rosmarinus extract
Capsaicin 10 %
Essential oils of eucalyptus, ginger and cinnamon
How to use:
Apply the cream on the problematic joint twice a day. The full course is 30 days.
Where to buy:
You should buy Hondroline on the official website (click here, here attached the link to the store). Other places sell fakes or cream with a margin from the broker.